Virtual Organizing

Are you ready for change?

Do you find that your space is always full of clutter?
Are you the type of person that has a hard time focusing when you’re trying to get organized?
Do you feel that you’re too busy or don’t have the budget for help?

Picture this: the ability to take control and create a peaceful space in manageable increments that make you feel accomplished at the end of each session. By being hands on with the work - and with me guiding you every step of the way - you will learn new lasting skills to change your habits around stuff and space.

If you have a willingness to learn and a desire to alter your habits, virtual organizing is perfect for you. This innovative method of working virtually provides a science-based approach that is effective and transformative.

What is it?

Virtual Organizing is a process for getting organized through the use of telephone, email, photographs, video conferencing or other technology. It is a great accompaniment to the traditional organizing format or as an alternative to on-site organizing help. It is collaborative as both you and your Professional Organizer develop a plan to achieve your desired outcome.  Organizing sessions are instructed by the organizer while you supply the physical work.


“I liked the flexibility of (working virtually) and it felt like an easier way to embark on this rather than going that further step of doing it in person. There is something less vulnerable and less intrusive about doing it this way.”

Virtual Organizing has many benefits

  • Provides you with a ‘body double’ allowing you to keep focused on the task at hand.
  • Requires only small incremental time commitments
  • More manageable for your budget
  • Fantastic for people with ADD, ADHD, Chronic Disorganization
  • Provides a transfer of skills - by requiring more heightened brain activity which creates neuroplasticity brain development
  • Creates and improves long-term supportive habits

Where Do I start?

Introductory Call

Let’s have a chat on the phone. We’ll explore your organizing challenges and determine if we’re a good match. Give me a ring right now or pre-book a 15 minute phone call that fits into your schedule. 416-997-0730

What's Next?

Virtual Organizing Strategy Session

A strategy session will give us a chance to review all the nooks and crannies in your house. We will have a real-time online tour of your spaces; you're in the driver's seat so show me as much or as little as you want.    We'll discuss what being organized feels like to you and together we'll review what works and what doesn't.  I’ll then go offline and create an action plan of how we will get there together.  Oh, and do me a favour?  Please don't tidy up before the tour.  I've seen it all. I promise.

Working Session

Consider me your space coach

Virtual Organizing is done via FaceTime, Zoom or whatever application is best for you.  We will work in increments of 60 to 90 minutes per session, once or twice a week depending on your timeline and goals.  You will provide the physical work.  We will offer detailed precise directions and guide you through processing your items and your space.  We will discuss roadblocks as they present themselves and you will gain a deeper understanding of your habits and how to make long lasting changes.

We follow up each session with a summary of the work and any homework that you may need to take on, offering you additional suggestions and resources that may be applicable.

Ongoing support + Maintenance

Our after session support includes: sourcing products and placing on-line orders, recommendations of storage solutions, creating schematics for space planning and arranging for subcontractors where needed. Quarterly scheduled maintenance sessions allows you to keep your systems fine tuned.

To Do List

“I never would have thought I needed help to get here, but I really did need it broken down into the logical steps Tina provided... Tackling the space like this allowed me to see things in categories and make easy decisions.“

Not sure if Virtual Organizing is right for you?

Take a look at this chart and find out!

"I was struggling with having accumulated a lot of stuff. Tina was extremely helpful. Together, we analyzed my space challenges and worked on a system to help me stay organized and minimize the clutter. I would recommend Spot On Organizing to anyone."