Spring Cleaning

by Tina ~ May 17th, 2016.
It’s Spring!  Time to free your space and mind from the clutter that’s holding you back.   Since it’s so nice outside, we thought we’d get you started with some garden organizing tips.  When you’re ready to get started, please contact Spot On Organizing.  If you book before May 15th, you can take advantage of our 25% sale on now.

Get off on the right foot to enjoy your outdoor space all spring, summer and fall. Here are just a few of the benefits to keeping your shed or garage organized:

  • Organizing your garden tools now will make the on-going maintenance that much less of a chore.
  • Your tools, outdoor cushions, hoses, and anything else you use in the garden will last much longer if they’re cleaned and stored properly, saving you money as well as the time it takes to go out and buy replacements.
  • While you’re organizing your shed, you can assess the repair of your tools for summer and winter and be prepared to replace items before you need them.
To get the most out of your shed, don’t just pile everything up on the floor. Here are some innovative ideas for maximizing space in your shed:
  • Hooks keep hoses from getting tangled up and damaged.
  • Toilet paper holders are perfect for storing twine and wire.
  • Magnetic strips can hold hand tools and keep them accessible.
  • Large canvas totes make great storage containers for your outdoor cushions.
  • Peg boards can be hung on the wall to hold small tools and other items. Use different colours of paint to map spaces for different categories.
  • Wooden pallets keep potting soil and other bagged supplies off the ground, away from moisture and pets.
  • Resin shelves are a good choice for sheds, because they won’t rust or stain like metal, and they don’t need to be painted like wood.
 Spot On Organizing would like to help you un-press that pause button and work with you create the functional space you want. Contact Tina to book an appointment.

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