The Most Important Room to Organize – Part 2

by Tina ~ February 6th, 2013.

boxes for organizing storage spaceLast week, I explained why organizing your front door and kitchen areas are important, and what steps will have the biggest impact. You’ll also notice a huge difference when you organize your basement or other storage spot.

If your storage space is organized with ample shelving and/or you have room for stacking bins then you’re off to a good start.  By having a spot for your overflow (seasonal, archival, and items less often used), you are less likely to have clogged up closets and shelves in your main living areas.

If you can sort, edit and make space in the basement or storage room/closet, then it makes it easier to tackle other spaces in your house a little at a time.  You’ll know what you have down there and have an easily accessible place to put the overflow from the rest of the house.

Over the next few weeks, why don’t you work on organizing the room that will make the biggest difference to YOUR family? I’ll be back soon with some great tips to help you keep it organized!

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