Meet the Spot On Team

I’m Tina Blazer, Director of Spot On Organizing.

I love helping busy families and professionals live the lives they truly want to lead by developing functional, maintainable spaces.

I find joy in restoring balance and organization to my client’s homes, easing the stress of transition or downsizing, or helping get them the sale price they’re looking for.

Over the years I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and have seen time and time again the transformative power of getting organized.

It’s my mission to efficiently and compassionately help as many people as possible through de-cluttering and space management. I’m a tenacious problem solver and use my sense of humour to put people at ease during what might otherwise be a stressful process.

Creating order from chaos is my passion. I’m an organizing nerd! As a child my idea of “playing” was to sort my mom’s kitchen cupboards and tidy the linen closets. I’ve turned my love of organizing into a fulfilling career; drawing from 20 years of experience organizing and managing people in the private sector.

When I’m not having fun helping my clients de-stress, I’m volunteering in my community, trying to wrangle my crazy puppy and spending time with my husband and beautiful teenage daughter.

I’m happy to have Laura Hayes as my Team Leader / Senior Organizer. Laura brings superb skills in de-cluttering and problem solving and has been an integral part of SPOT ON for over 7 years. You’ll be in good hands with her — she’s there to help you from beginning to end. Laura also has extensive experience in renovation.  She’s our resident Handygirl and can take care of anything from painting and drywall to tile repairs. When she doesn’t have a tool belt on, Laura is trying to keep up with her two active boys. From Project Manager to Handygirl, Laura can do it all!

Davida Gragor is a marketing veteran and certified event planner. As Marketing Maven and Customer Experience Specialist for Spot On Organizing, she makes sure you can find the team across all social media and that they’re always ready and able to answer your questions. Davida oversees the customer experience to make sure you get the most out of Spot On’s time with you, and that you’re in love with your space at the end. She’s currently working on ways for Spot On to collaborate with other small businesses in the GTA. In her downtime Davida’s a fitness fiend, avid basketball fan, and all-around sassy-pants.

Best 'Declutterer' in the City...

"Sometimes, the elephant in the room is actually a morass of unopened mail, yellowing newspapers, outgrown baby clothes and broken exercise equipment. “I was about three clients in when I realized decluttering isn’t about the stuff,” says Tina Blazer, owner of Spot On. “It’s about the human dramas, like illness and divorce, that lead people to have a hard time purging.” Blazer combines the confidence of a lifetime neatnik—her idea of teenage fun was to organize her mother’s kitchen—with a delicate approach. An average house will take 16 to 20 hours to tackle. Each session has an attainable goal, like getting a vase of flowers onto a table that’s been hidden under junk for a year.”

- Toronto Life, Best of the City 2011


Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)

A national non-profit association representing professional organizers in Canada

Past Member of the Toronto Chapter Executive

The Virtual Professional Organizer

The Virtual Organizing Training for Professional Organizers program is international and supports Professional Organizers from a global perspective.

Virtual Organizing (VO) is a sub-service within the field of professional organizing. VO requires a different delivery method from traditional on-site service delivery and requires a higher skill level that can only be achieved through appropriate training.

Canadian Redesigners Association (CRDA)

Tina is a Certified Redesign and Staging Specialist (CRSS) through the CRDA.

Members are certified in interior redesign and redesign home staging. The CRDA is the only non-profit of its type in Canada.