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A Note from Tina

“The reason you don’t see a bunch of Before and After photos of neater rooms is simple. The rewards derived from organizing are intangibles which save time, energy, and frustration and benefit people emotionally. We can’t show you that in pictures so instead, listen to what some of my clients have experienced.”

Taking our home from chaos to calm...
"We have had the pleasure of working with Tina, Laura and other members of the Spot On team on multiple projects in two homes and an office. They have helped us through a kitchen renovation, ongoing home and office organization, staging our old home and then setting up our new one. I know I can count on Tina to source materials and other professionals, as well as to be there with her big bag of tricks to take our home from chaos to calm. She appeared in a flash when asked to quickly stage our old home was there to greet us as we moved into our new one. She had our main floor organized by the end of the first day, and with two kids and two jobs this would have been impossible without her! We have used Tina and her team multiple times for a variety of projects and will continue to share our "secret helpers" with friends and family with pleasure. Thank you Tina and Laura, for always being there with a plan and a tool kit when we need you! "
- Lanni S.

From a Spot On team member...
"Tina,  Thanks for bringing me onto your team and providing me with a great learning opportunity. You are a great leader and definitely well organized! I really enjoyed the experience. Hopefully “Jane” will feel less weighted down by all her things now that a portion of her home is organized."
- Kelly Z., Toronto.

In a Realtor's words...
"I am a real estate professional in central Toronto and I have had the pleasure of working with Spot On Organizing on numerous occasions. Professional, time sensitive and incredibly helpful...Spot On offers helpful insight into the logistics of transforming spaces with a great eye for design and overall composition. Clean, elegant and modern. Not to mention they do the heavy lifting as well. Organized and efficient with impressive results. Highly recommended"
- Simon Wright, Toronto.

Staging our empty house
"I think Simon Wright was brilliant hiring you for my little house on Manning. You had just the right touch."
- J. Inksetter, Toronto.

Preparing and De-cluttering our home for sale:
"You and your crowd of helpers were wonderful - very efficient, thoughtful, careful, thorough and all the other adjectives I can think of. Please consider you and your team reserved for our move!"
- B. Felstiner, Toronto.

Ease and well-being to a stressful situation...
"Tina and Spot On Organizing were a dream come true.  When we were completely overwhelmed with the task of organizing our mother's estate after she passed away I contacted Tina.  She took care of everything while involving us in the process every step of the way.  She knew exactly what to do from start to finish, from sorting, to preparing the condo for sale to dismantling it entirely.  She managed the packing, arranged for  the movers and  was there to see that everything was delivered to the various locations on time and in tact.  Her skills, knowledge and sensitivity brought ease and well being to a very stressful situation.  I truly don't know what we would have done without her and can't recommend her highly enough."
- Leslie C.

Best 'De-clutterer' in the City...
"Sometimes, the elephant in the room is actually a morass of unopened mail, yellowing newspapers, outgrown baby clothes and broken exercise equipment. “I was about three clients in when I realized de-cluttering isn’t about the stuff,” says Tina Blazer, owner of Spot On. “It’s about the human dramas, like illness and divorce, that lead people to have a hard time purging.” Blazer combines the confidence of a lifetime neatnik—her idea of teenage fun was to organize her mother’s kitchen—with a delicate approach. An average house will take 16 to 20 hours to tackle. Each session has an attainable goal, like getting a vase of flowers onto a table that’s been hidden under junk for a year. $50–$65 an hour."
- Toronto Life, Best of the City.
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Systems and strategies eliminate struggle...
"I was struggling with having accumulated a lot of stuff over a number of moves and fitting it into my current, challenging space.

I found Tina online and felt comfortable with reviews I had read about her work and decided to give her a call. And I am certainly glad I did.

She was extremely helpful. Together, we analyzed my space challenges and worked on a system to help me stay organized and minimize the clutter. She taught me some strategies to assess the value of my things and how to prioritize what gets chucked, what gets kept and how to organize what I choose to keep. She is also a very sensitive and caring person, and made me feel comfortable during emotional times of parting with things that I no longer wanted/needed but of which I was having trouble letting go. 

I would recommend Tina to anyone."
- Kyla Kryski, Toronto.

Moving in a hurry...no worry!

"When I was moving to Peterborough I had a tight one month timeline so I enlisted the help of a professional organizer/packer to help me. It was honestly one of the smartest things I've ever done. It saved me my sanity, time, and helped me organize and get rid of stuff - and I'm a very tidy/organized guy to begin with."
- Jason, Peterborough, Ontario

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Live/work balance achieved!
“Tina brilliantly changed my life by helping me fix my live/work space, and she did it with grace and a sense of humour. Her compassion matches her passion and she is gifted in her sense of space, functionality and design. I highly recommend her!”

- Danny B, Toronto.

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Space...the final frontier!
"Spot On Organizing was amazing! Tina managed to organize two apartments (mine and my son's)...in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds...hapless adults, four-year old twins, one dog, two cats, and the motherload of clutter. She made everything look so lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I learned so much! And her presence and assurance made me feel so calm. Thank you, thank you again!"
- MaryAnn DeFrancis, Toronto.

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Chaos Transformed...
"De-cluttering the Easy Way!  After moving houses twice in eight months, I’d had my share of purging. I pitched the bulk of 10 years of accumulated stuff from a busy, sports-involved family of five and I could not face the one last purge looming in our basement. Everywhere I looked, junk and treasures alike were bathed in plaster dust. I felt defeated and I needed help. Just at the right time, Tina Blazer from Spot On Organizing, came into my life. Her positive attitude and confidence were the ingredients I needed to move forward on this monumental task. Without comment or judgment, Tina pinpointed the key elements of the chore ahead, hired the appropriate staff and got the job done. My basement was chaos transformed! Now, as I look to overhaul my rec room, I plan to hire Tina to help design and transform it into a multi-purpose space. Now, if I could just stop procrastinating and pick up the phone!"
- Patty Cranston, Toronto.

Relief from a nagging voice...
"As a fairly organized person, I didn't expect that cleaning out that back room and sorting supplies which were behind closed doors' would have such an impact on my enjoyment and attitude towards that area of the house. Now when I walk by, I don't hear that nagging voice reminding me to do the work and making me feel bad. The room seems lighter and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. You're fun to be around and make "The Buddy System" enjoyable work! Thanks Tina!"
- Tracy Call, Toronto.

Time saved, worry avoided...
"Getting my house ready for market under extreme time constraints... You made everything look so lovely. I really enjoyed working with you Tina. I learned a lot, and your presence and assurance made me a lot calmer! Thank you!"
- M. DeFrancis, Toronto.

Relief and renewed energy...
"I so appreciate the change in the energy of my home that has come from 'simply' having what was there seen through, and re-arranged with, new (and clearly innovative) eyes. What was important to me was honoured and there's a freshness and openness that wasn't there before. Thank you"
- Maralyn Cale, Brampton.

Beautiful, open, reclaimed spaces...
"Up until you came, I was feeling very claustrophobic in my own home. The children's toys were everywhere, and I felt as though we were outgrowing our home, and fast. I was embarrassed to let anyone see my home... When I got your call saying you were done, I was so eager to find out what you could possibly have done to my small home with its obscure (and limiting) open-concept layout, that I left work immediately. I arrived and was in awe as I entered such a wonderful scene... My main floor looked just like a show home! It was astounding how much room you had created. And best of all, you gave me back my dining room. Thank you! Thank you! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!"
- Nicole Stevenson, Oakville, ON.

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