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How We Can Help... through Consultation or Hands-on:

Professional Organizing: sorting, editing and decluttering for home or office.

Moving-related Services: move organizing, (un)packing, space planning, moving in- or out project management.

Real Estate Staging: site evaluation, full written reports, de-cluttering, editing and staging services.

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Professional Organizing:
Sorting, editing, de-cluttering and systems implementation.
Everyone benefits from editing, de-cluttering, and organizing their stuff. However, many people would rather walk on hot coals than pull everything out of a room, sort it, and organize it all by themselves. Call Spot On to help you through and we’ll do so with respect and a sense of humour. Plus, we’ll provide easy to maintain, tailored systems which both make sense for you and promote a logical, efficient work flow.

Our Flexible Work Process:
First, we'll do a walk through assessment, take notes and give a verbal or written report detailing what needs to be done to get your home or office under control and functioning the way you need it to. Then, you may choose one of the following processes to get the rest of the job done:

1. Self Serve: You do the work yourself with our report as your guide and goal.
2. Buddy System: We work together to get it done.
3. Just Get it Done: My team comes in and does all the work!

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Moving-related Services:
Move organizing, space planning, (un)packing, and moving day project management.
We can make the move-in or -out easier by (un)packing, placing furniture, organizing and putting away the contents of your boxes. Whether before, during or after a move, each stage of relocating presents challenges that can benefit from a little help from Spot On.

Before the move: Help with de-cluttering, sorting, editing, organizing and packing your household contents. Makes the move easier.

During: Project Manage moving day - We’ll make sure everything gets to the right spot so you can relax and be worry free.

After: After the move, and, all in one day, get 2-3 rooms set up (pictures hung, lighting arranged, accessories highlighted, etc.). In addition, we can unpack, organize and put away the contents of your boxes, organize your kitchen, bedrooms, home office, any spaces you need help with.

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Real Estate Staging:
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Prepare your property for market with a Spotlight on sales! Real Estate Staging considerably reduces the time a property is on the market and increases the final selling price up to 6%. Spot On understands how to help you:

. maximize your property's appeal to the majority of buyers
. boost market value and reduce selling time
. highlight your homes' best features

Re(decorating) alone will not achieve these same results. Staging utilizes techniques for creating a sense of peace and space, an environment which encourages buyers to linger. It allows them to see the house, not your stuff. Spot On will ensure potential buyers notice, can imagine the house as their own, remember, and make better offers. Plus, we can help make your packing and purging as painless as possible.

Consultation: includes 1.5 hours site inspection with written report of potential barriers to sale within the property.

Pre-Staging De-clutter: Sort, edit and pack.

Staging: Furniture placement, styling, etc.

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