A Spot On Client Story

by Tina ~ September 20th, 2016.

As you know, we as Professional Organizers get up close and personal with our clients.  We help you  through big life changes such as; moving, selling your home, and re-organizing your space as your life priorities shift.  Our clients, in a sense, allow us to go through these changes with them.

At Spot On Organizing, we don’t take that lightly.  We know there is a lot of trust needed to work with people through these transitions and help them reach the other side of what is often a difficult tunnel.  Building trusted relationships with clients is something we do as well as we organize.  We know this because of the examples where we’ve become extensions of the family for so many clients.  We’re like the car mechanic you’ve been going to for years and tell your friends about.

Here’s one of our favourite examples of the trust we’ve had grow with one long time client:

I had the privilege of being featured in Toronto Life a few years ago.  A mom (we’ll call her Sarah) approached me about helping with their kid’s rooms to get them ready for some redecorating plans.  Although decorating was fairly new for Spot On at that time, this was a great way to help us expand our expertise.  It was a fun project where we got to include some of our trusted associates such as Space Solutions and our favourite house painter.  When we were all done, Sarah and the kids were so happy with their new rooms.

Sarah had us back to organize some other rooms in the house.  And clearly Spot On was a household name because it wasn’t long before Sarah’s husband, who works at a Toronto hospital, had us into his workplace to organize his office.  This sparked the interest of one of his colleagues who had us do some work in his office as well.

Over the next several years we helped Sarah’s family with other rooms in the home, seasonal transitions, and preparing for renovations.

Then it came time for them to move. Not only did we help them with staging, de-cluttering, packing, moving, unpacking and setting up, but both Sarah’s and her husband’s parents were also moving around the same time.  As if life wasn’t busy enough!  But we were able to step in and help with all three moves.

With all the projects over the years and connections to so many family members, we really feel like Spot On is a part of Sarah’s extended family.  Our team member Laura, resident handy-girl, has been to the home often for odd jobs around the house.  Now they just keep a running “Laura’s list” of the jobs for her to take care of.

Sarah’s family has also referred other relatives and friends.  Totalling 7 clients, with many repeats.  We know this would never happen without a lot of mutual trust.  We appreciate Sarah and all our clients for sharing that trust with us.

We appreciate you keeping Spot On Organizing top of mind as your go-to Professional Organizer and Team Extraordinaire when it comes to helping people manage their space.

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