Organizing the Mud Room {A Room A Month}

by Tina ~ October 21st, 2015.

Are you getting ready to feather your nest for this coming winter? The mudroom is not only the first stop to your home but it also gets much busier and fuller as the temperature drops! Why not start your nesting here so you’ve got a spot for everything that goes in and out of your house on a daily basis?

Craftsman Entry by Palo Alto Architects & Building Designers FGY Architects

Just think how much tidier life would be with designated homes for…

… Footwear

Shoe racks or shelves encourage family members to remove footwear as soon as they come in, so you don’t end up with wet and dirty footprints tracked throughout your home.

Maximize your footwear space by using floating or mounted shoe storage so you can put a boot tray underneath.

… Coats, Bags and Outdoor Accessories

Everyone is more likely to hang up their coats, keeping them off the furniture and the floor, when you provide handy hooks. Mounting lower ones for kids and higher ones for adults saves space while making your system more user-friendly.

The same hooks can be used to keep all kinds of things off the ground: backpacks, umbrellas, dog leashes, scarves, mittens and so on, but in some cases, baskets on shelves might be more practical.

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You can decide whether it makes more sense to have one basket for each type of item or one for each family member. Just make sure you designate what is to go in each basket, and label them accordingly.

… Keys

Placing keys in a basket or bowl or hanging them on a key rack means you’ll always be able to find them, eliminating unnecessary delays when you head out the door.

… Mail

Designating a basket or shelf for incoming mail reduces the risk that bills will get misplaced, leading to costly late fees.

Other Ideas

Do you like to stand up while you’re putting on your shoes or boots? Neither do I. A comfy bench makes it so much easier, and can be a handy place to set down your bag while you’re helping younger kids to put on or take off their outdoor gear – much better than the floor! You might even find one that has storage inside for toys, or out of season outerwear!

Transitional Entry by Calgary Home Builders Rockwood Custom Homes

For an even tidier mud room, try TRONES storage cabinets from IKEA. Designed to hold six pairs of shoes, these wall-mounted units are great for hats, gloves, scarves, and other small items too. There’s even a recessed area on top that’s a great spot for your keys, pocket change and cell phone.

I love finding lots of ways to use great tools. How To Use IKEA Trones Storage Boxes in Every Room of the House shares lots of creative inspiration for how to use this great cabinet .

Even if there’s no mud room in your home, you can apply these same ideas to your own entryway.

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