How to Save Money and Your Peace of Mind while Moving

by Tina ~ June 10th, 2015.

moving box with organizational labelYou’ll never hear someone say, “I love moving!” It’s tiring, unsettling, and expensive if not carried out thoughtfully. All of us can recount stories of frustration, exhaustion or expense that we or someone we know experienced during a move. I’ve heard quite a few of those stories myself.

If a move is in your future, these four strategies will help you to keep it both efficient and cost-effective.

Tina’s Top Tips for Packing and Moving

  1. Edit, edit, edit. De-clutter and purge before you begin packing. Don’t pay movers to move stuff you really don’t need!
  2. Buy proper moving boxes. Don’t try and use liquor or grocery store boxes; they’re not quite the right sizes.  Uniform boxes allow the movers to pack their truck more space-efficiently, saving them time, and you money.
  3. Don’t pack too early. No need to live in amongst moving boxes a month before the big day. If you hire professionals, a good team can pack an entire house in 2-3 days.
  4. Beware of moving companies who un-pack for you. They usually provide a service called “pack to a level surface”.  This means they will simply unpack all of your belongings onto any counter, table or floor surface available – and then you are left with your belongings spread out all around your house.  Pretty overwhelming – that’s usually when we are called in to help!

Have thoughts of moving got you feeling overwhelmed? Professional Organizers can help you create and execute a personalized moving plan:

  • Sort and help purge what no longer fits into your life
  • Provide a plan for what to sell, donate or recycle
  • Recommend competent movers, provide reputable trades, source affordable suppliers, etc.
  • Work with you at your new home with decisions on furniture, space planning, room flow and décor
  • Pack your possessions efficiently and safely so they’re easily found in the right room

Contact me to book your free 30 minute in-home consultation.

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