Maintaining Your Organized Space

by Tina ~ March 13th, 2013.

orange notebook and glassesSo, you’ve just organized your home or office – congratulations!

Now that you have an organizing system in place, it will be much easier for you to stay organized going forward – but you need to stick to your system!

  • You’ve got to book time with yourself, in your planner, at least once a month to take care of office filing and edit the piles that have collected.
  • Embrace the system of using magazine holders to turn your horizontal piles into categorized vertical piles.
  • Setting up appropriate categories allows you to maintain toy storage.
  • And label, label, label
  • Make sure you have the right storage pieces and use the appropriate containers.  When everything is sized appropriately your space will be much more efficient.
  • Having separate ‘zones’ for different activities allows you to keep multi-use rooms organized.

Give yourself time.  You need two weeks to adapt to the changes you’ve made and allow them to have a lasting impact.

Many of our clients book a follow-up session after about 3 months to fine tune and have a look at any seasonal items that need to be re-shifted, as well as a yearly maintenance session to address the natural changes that happen – from kids moving into a different phase, job changes, renovation plans coming up, new family hobbies, and the like.

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have a tip that you can share that has worked for you?


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2 Responses to Maintaining Your Organized Space

  1. shelly goluboff

    Thanks again for all your help. I am continuing the job you helped me to attack! I will call you when we get home to continue.

  2. Janet Barclay

    I like the idea of doing a three-month follow-up to see how things are going, instead of waiting until a problem arises to revamp the system. It’s easier to adapt something than to fix it after it’s already broken!

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