Solutions to 3 Common Organizing Challenges

by Tina ~ November 28th, 2012.

Whenever I walk into a new client’s house they inevitably say “this must be the most cluttered house you’ve ever seen!” While every situation is unique, there are some very common challenges that busy households face.

1. Toy Storage

It’s very common for people to use whatever bins they can find or reuse – perhaps a basket a gift came in, or a bin that was bought for another purpose. Although repurposing is a good idea in principle, it leads to mismatched storage containers. Having containers that match isn’t just about looking good – it’s about being able to stack them nicely and use your space efficiently.

I highly recommend using clear bins. If you can’t see what’s inside, it’s hard to connect with what you’re storing (even if the bins are labelled). Clear bins are especially easy for children.

Samla clear box

2. Kid’s Clothes

Many parents keep articles of clothing which have been outgrown for their next baby – again, this is very practical in principle, but much more so if they are stored in uniform containers with a bit of a plan in mind, not tucked away in a box one time and then stuffed in a plastic bag the next time. This is very common though when you have babies, as they grow out of sizes SO quickly.

Consider giving as a shower gift or new mom gift a series of stackable containers with pre-printed labels of various size ranges.

3. Small Closets

Older houses are notorious for having small closets, but there are better ways to maximize your space than just stuffing things in bags and random sized boxes.

Use the floor space and/or shelving space efficiently, and take advantage of the back of the doors.

Bonus Tip

Choosing furniture with built-in storage capabilities will go a long way towards helping you maintain an organized home.

Boskel coffee table

I’d love to hear from you. Please share your comments if you find these tips helpful.

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