Closet Organizing Tips and Techniques

by Tina ~ November 14th, 2012.

over the door hooksIn my last post, I talked about reducing household clutter by organizing things based on how often you use them. Today, let’s take this idea into your closet.

Let the space you go to EVERY DAY reflect the life you are living now.  The size you are now, the season it is now, the lifestyle you are leading now.  Get the business suits out if you’re at home with the kids; store away the smaller size dress – let it be a reward to go get it from the bin when you reach your target weight instead of it being a wagging finger you see every time you open the closet.

over the door shoe caddyAgain, consider when you use the item – especially if it is a small closet – if it is only monthly or seasonal, have it under the bed or the very top shelf.

I would say my favourite storage technique is using the back (and front) of the door!!!  That is like having another approx. 60” (5 feet!!) of storage space.  I like using clear over-the-door shoe storage for shoes sometimes, but perhaps for scarves, kids’ mitts and hats, art, office or school supplies – or why not inside the linen closet door for extra toiletries.  And use hooks, lots of them – for purses, scarves, belts, etc.

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  1. Kendra

    Thanks for sharing these closet organizing tips and techniques. This will really help homeowners. Keep posting.

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