Organizing for Your Daily Life

by Tina ~ October 31st, 2012.

You can reduce a lot of household Kitchen Stuff Plus Loft Utensil Jarclutter by thinking about how and when you use things.

Keep items you use daily within reach, so you don’t have to move from where you do the task to get the item.


  • toiletries you use every day on the bathroom counter
  • kitchen items used daily on the kitchen counter
  • receipts in a little box on your desk
  • personal items in a basket or tray on your dresser

You’ll want items you use weekly to still be handy, but not out in full view, even though you may have to get up from your seat or reach a bit higher to get the item.


  • magazine boxes with action files on a shelf
  • reference material in a cabinet
  • office supplies in a bin just under your desk

Viktoria Red Magazine Collector from SolutionsAnd you definitely don’t want to use your ‘prime’ real estate for items you only use monthly!

These can be kept at the top of your closet, under your bed, higher on the bookcase, or in a cabinet across the kitchen.

Those used less often than monthly can be stored in the basement, at the bottom of your closet, or in the bottom drawer of the dining room side board.  These items are usually more ‘archival’ or ‘seasonal’ and so they shouldn’t be taking up space where you do your everyday living.

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have a tip that you can share that has worked for you?

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