3 Tips for Organizing your Kitchen Hub

by Tina ~ March 13th, 2012.

Want to make paper pile-up, missed events, and time wasted searching for things part of your past? Follow my tips for organizing your kitchen hub and you’ll get a lot more than that!

1. Set yourself up an Info Zone.

Outfit it with the following: A telephone, a recycle bin, a paper shredder, a magnetic board for notices, a chalk board to write notes to family members, and small office supplies like pens, sticky notes, small tape measure, and “bulldog” paper clips. Maybe you need a basket to drop keys or small things that mysteriously appear in your pockets. Personalize it as needed.

2. Get yourself a “More time Mom’s” Wall Calendar.

The big visuals help both you and the kids remember and record important dates. Stickers help kids learn to stay connected to their own schedules. The magnetic shopping list is genius, and the pocket in the back will hold all your tickets, notices, any short term papers, and more. Learn more about it, and other products to assist busy families here: http://www.moretimemoms.ca

3. Create a simple system to manage papers.

Get a 3 tiered wall file,

large mesh basket ladder

a unit of small drawers that fit on a desktop,

Birger 2 Drawer Chest

or even some simple magazine holders.

Viktoria magazine collector

This will act as the first holding tank for papers on their way somewhere else, such as a large file box, office, special drawer, etc. Label them: To Pay, To File, School Related, Meal Ideas, and Hold File. The Hold file is for time sensitive things like voting registration, tickets to an event, and the like.

Small changes make a big difference. Take some time this week and organize your Kitchen Hub. You’ll begin to find what you need when you need it, keep track and maintain control of papers and information, and never misplace tickets or important dates again. Oh, and did I mention sanity returning?

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