3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Cupboards

by Tina ~ February 28th, 2012.

Perhaps you think you need a bigger kitchen because your cabinets are bursting at the seams?  Nothing a few simple organizing products won’t fix…

To utilize your cupboard space better, you can get extra shelves cut at any home improvement store. Spread your dishes around and give everything the space it needs, so you don’t have to move a pile of bowls out of the way to get to your plates.

or try shelf risers

Medium storage shelf


For easy access to condiments and other non-perishable items, install a turntable or “Lazy Susan

Kitchen turntable

For canned foods, shelf steps are a great way to see what you have.

3 Level Cabinet Organizer

I’d love to hear from you.  Please share your comments if you find these tips helpful.


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5 Responses to 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Cupboards

  1. roy cameron

    great headline. and very helpful tips.

  2. Mary-Jane Callander

    Yes Tina, these suggestions did help me – I will forward them to my daughter who LOVES to organize and re-organize the kitchen. Wow – March already !

  3. Christie B Morrsion

    Hi Tina,

    These are all great tips. Good to be reminded. Thank you.
    Also, there are holders for the inside of lower kitchen cupboard doors that can hold kitchen papers (foil, plastic wrap, etc.) to take some pressure off drawer storage.

    cbm xo

  4. Valeri

    I love my lazy susan. It makes all my bottles so much more accessible. Great tips … but what if I secretly want a bigger kitchen. I won’t show this article to my husband!

  5. Barbara Larocque

    Great blog post! 3 additional ways to enhance the use of space in your kitchen cupboards:

    1. Attach various racks to the back of the door- a little tea towel holder, a wrap paper organizer, a spice rack.

    2. Respace your existing shelves and then add a shelf- such a little thing , but often there is enough empty space between shelves to allow a whole extra shelf- a. Big win.

    3.Installing pullout shelves in the lower cabinet that extend the full depth of the space- traditional lower cabinets have a shelf that is only 12 inches deep- why not fill the whole depth and then, for access, put the shelf (or better a drawer) on glides.

    Keep up the good work!

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