Spotlight on… Sarah’s Kitchen

by Tina ~ February 14th, 2012.

My client, Sarah, had piles and piles of plastic containers on two shelves of a cabinet in her kitchen. She could never find the right size of container that she needed, or the lid that matched the bottom she wanted to use.  Sound familiar?

The first step to getting this mess under control was to take everything out of the cabinet. Lids and bottoms were matched, and the rest was discarded. A quick check in Sarah’s freezer and fridge ensured that everything was accounted for. We separated the containers that were not used often and put them in a big plastic bin in a cupboard. This left room in her current space to reflect what she was using daily and weekly.

By lowering one shelf in the cupboard, we were able to make room for an additional shelf in the middle which wasperfect for long, thin containers and lids. On the bottom shelf, we Omni Plastic Shoe Boxplaced the containers that she used the most. The top shelf, which was easily reachable after we lowered it, was reserved for larger and slightly less frequently used containers. A clear plastic bin from Canadian Tire was the perfect thing to house loose lids.


  • Lock & Lock is a great brand to use. They have a collection of glass containers, which are more health-conscious and durable than plastic. They have airtight snap lids and are safe to go in the microwave, so you can heat up food right in the container without dirtying an extra dish.
  •  Stop saving things like yogurt containers to reuse! Since they’re not clear, you can’t see what you have stored in them, and when you glance in the fridge, it’s hard to remember that it’s not yogurt in there, but some other kind of leftover. It gets forgotten about and goes bad before you can eat it.
  •  Square and rectangle shaped containers are more space efficient in the cupboard, fridge, and freezer than round containers.

I’d love to hear from you. How do you keep your plastic containers organized?

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2 Responses to Spotlight on… Sarah’s Kitchen

  1. Janet Barclay

    I have a drawer in my kitchen that’s large enough to hold my foil, waxed paper, freezer bags, etc. as well as most of my plastic containers. It’s wonderful to have a spot that’s dedicated to food storage!

  2. Valeri

    Loved your article! I do a monthly clean up of my container drawer. I also do a house/backpack search to find missing lids and bottoms. I do save and use yogurt containers for stock and soup I make and freeze. These are well labeled so I know what and how much is in them.These containers are stored elsewhere … not in my container drawer. Speaking of freezing, a trick my mom taught me was to save the milk bags (the bags that actually hold the milk). These make perfect freezer bags for things like cookies and other small items.

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