Don’t Have A Wish – Have A Plan!

by Tina ~ October 12th, 2010.

TimerMake a time commitment per week that you can manage. If you think it’s going too slow, up the commitment. Just get done what you can. Prioritize rooms you want to organize on a list.

Here’s a simple approach to organizing your home or office. It’s a proven method of breaking the task up into smaller manageable chunks so you’re not overwhelmed. Pick a room, begin at the door.

You’ll be going clockwise around the periphery of the room. Have three boxes in front of you. Label them throw away, give away, and store elsewhere. Begin at the door. Start with the first piece of furniture you come to on your left which has a nook, cranny, drawer, etc. This is where you begin. Then you will go around the inside periphery of the room, dealing with the items in these places.

Be serious about it.

Down and dirty now, into 3 piles, make quick decisions, sub-categories later. You don’t need to bog yourself down with detailed decisions right now but have a look at the sub categories if you need to for any reason. Back to work. Just keep the pace going. Begin by throwing away “junk” you’ve accumulated in drawers and be serious about it. Don’t keep pens that work half the time or an old calendar with nice pictures. Your freedom from clutter is more important than they are.

Be willing to take a risk.

You may later wish you still had what you have now discarded. This may cause temporary pain. Throwing it out is a minor pain, compared to having to live helplessly with all the clutter. There is an exhilarating feeling of freedom which comes once the decision to take control of the house has been made and you actually begin to throw out. Put items that you want to keep back in the drawer or in one of the boxes.

Pace yourself.

When you have done enough for one day (about an hour or two), stop, put the boxes away and wait until tomorrow. It’s about progress, not perfection. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t wear yourself out, just schedule when you’re going to continue. This is the first layer of a purge. A lot of benefit can come from even just this first kick at the can.

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