Five Space, Time and Energy Savers for Busy Professionals and Multi-Tasking Moms

by Tina ~ July 19th, 2010.
  1. Use pant hangers to hang scarves instead of folding them and taking up so much room in baskets.
  2. Dropping items into an In-and-Out basket not only serves as a visual reminder but also gives you somewhere to put stuff that’s on it’s way somewhere else.
  3. Put things you use or reach for frequently (keys, purses) on waist level shelves and things you rarely use on higher ones.
  4. blanket boxIf you have the room, a blanket-type box or chest can store smaller seasonal sports equipment and provide a place to sit to put on shoes.
  5. Keep heavier sports gear in deep plastic bins in the garage or near your home entrance to keep mud, dirt, and grass outside.
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